COPILOT’s mission is to improve the quality of Building Commissioning

COPILOT offers independent ISO-accredited supervision and certification of building commissioning.

We focus on design-installation-operation quality of technical systems such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) and BMS (Building Management Systems). COPILOT certifies successful projects.

Certified Commissioning Managers use our digital applications to add value to their commissioning of commercial buildings.

Asset Managers, Facility Managers and Occupants benefit from improved quality and reduced uncertainty.


COPILOT is a joint-venture of leading industry federations, Eurovent and REHVA, to tackle quality problems that bedevil the construction industry.

COPILOT is supported by up to 100 000 HVAC engineers via its partnership with REHVA

As a subsidiary of Eurovent Services Company, COPILOT has strong certification expertise

Our references - over 100 buildings

School in Stuttgart
Germany District heating & Solar thermal, 
1 cooling unit, 8 ventilation systems

Hospital in Berlin
Germany CHP & Gas boiler, 9 heating circuits, 
4 ventilation systems, 1 cooling unit

Energy positive Offices 
in Holzminden, Germany
2 HPs, ventilating systems, solar panels, sophisticated automation

Offices in Bielefield
Germany District heating, cooling unit,  cooling tower,
2 ventilating systems,  4 heating circuits