COPILOT Commissioning

Commissioning is a quality-focused process that helps you get the building you want.

COPILOT verifies that systems achieve client objectives. We focus on HVAC and technical systems to certify the commissioning process.

Client-led process

Client workshops

COPILOT commissioning is client-led.

The process starts with workshops to identify client objectives.

The Commissioning Manager proposes relevant KPI indicators and adapts his commissioning plan to match client objectives.

Pre-design & Design

Costly long term problems are often hard-wired into a project during design. Certified Commissioning Managers review design with particular focus on:

  • Design should be consistent with client objectives
  • Specifications should be clear and include measurable datapoints


Commissioning Managers verify contractor submittals, installation completeness, equipment preparation and startup, system balancing and functionality. Key issues include:

  • Consistency with owner objectives and design specifications
  • Identification and resolution of problems/issues
  • Appropriate documentation for future reference

Occupation & Operation

COPILOT stays with the project after handover to verify building performance. This is critical as qualitative and quantitative data from an occupied building are the ultimate test that the building meets client objectives. Key verifications include:

  • Monitor and analyse real life performance at full load
  • Diagnose comfort problems

COPILOT audits the commissioning process and certifies successful projects.