Compliant or not ?

Will your buildings meet regulatory requirements ?

Investors are under pressure to demonstrate the sustainability credentials of their portfolios. EU Taxonomy rules impose mandatory criteria. Non-compliant assets will penalise portfolios, leading to devalued “stranded” assets.

COPILOT certifies the quality and the performance of buildings

COPILOT offers independent ISO 17065 accredited certification of:


This data-based PropTech solution analyses the performance of HVAC systems to determine areas of improvement. It can be used to troubleshoot sick buildings, for preventative maintenance and to benchmark portfolios.

* HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)


Accredited experts undertake onsite verification of design-installation-operation of technical systems using COPILOT protocols. Their key mission is to verify and document compliance with owner objectives so that owners get the building they want.

COPILOT mission

COPILOT is a certification company head-quartered in Paris, France. We were founded by non-profit bodies whose members’ business suffers because of recurring problems of poor building performance.

COPILOT’s mission is create certification solutions that improve the building industry.

COPILOT certification protocols

COPILOT certification of new and existing buildings:

  • Get the building the client specifies
  • Reduce project risk
  • Diagnose energy efficiency
  • Insure occupant comfort & productivity
  • Generate rapid return on investment
  • Use in Green Lending criteria

COPILOT Research & Development

COPILOT set up QUEST with consortium partners representing a €400Bn asset portfolio. QUEST statistically de-risks energy efficiency investments by risk profiling projects. It is financed by the European Union.

COPILOT is also considering development of Energy Efficiency Certificates.