De-risking building projects

COPILOT focuses on commissioning to enhance building quality and performance.

We verify and certify that your systems are designed, installed, tested and documented in accordance with client requirements.

COPILOT solutions can be used on all building projects.

1. On site commissioning management

Certified Commissioning Managers, selected by the client and approved by COPILOT, apply COPILOT commissioning protocols.

They also bring their own expertise, experience and knowledge of local best practice.

2. On line COPILOT supervision

COPILOT uses Client Workshops to identify objectives and define KPI Indicators.

These Client KPI Indiicators drive design, construction and operation commissioning.

We verify performance by Comfort Alerts and seasonal performance testing.

3. COPILOT certification, data securisation & archiving

COPILOT independantly certifies successful commissioning projects.

We securely archive project data which can be easily acccessed over time by authorised parties.

COPILOT solutions can be used on all building projects including projects already started and existing buildings