Certified Commissionning Managers

COPILOT Certified Commissioning Managers

COPILOT Certified Commissioning Managers are experienced independent local experts who meet the following criteria :

  • Experienced commissioning experts with knowledge of local requirements
  • Independent of COPILOT
  • Trained and certified by COPILOT

Training qualifies the commissioning manager to apply COPILOT solutions. The short training course can be organized locally/nationally. On successful completion, commissioning managers may undertake certified commissioning projects.

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Commissioning managers should have 3 or more years commissioning experience, depending on their educational & professional qualifications. In order to apply, please indicate:

  • Qualifications (education & professional)
  • Experience (years and number of buildings commissioned)
  • Details of commissioning projects > 1 000m2 you worked on in last 2 years